As part of Oeuf’s mission to “be good,” we make sure all our products are environmentally sound – 
from our choice of materials, to the manufacturing processes, to the recycled packaging our products come in.

All Oeuf’s furniture is made of sustainable, premium materials and is ethically produced in the small European country of Latvia. Forests are abundant,
fast-growing, and cover over 70% of Latvia, which has a proud tradition of woodworking. As a respected member of the European Union, Latvia
also has strong standards and regulations relating to labor, safety, quality, and the environment.


All Oeuf’s furniture is produced in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility, with state of the art dust collection to protect workers and the environment. All waste
possible is recycled through licensed facilities, and wood waste is reprocessed at the factory into briquettes, which are then used to heat the factory
during Latvia’s snowy winters. In addition, our engineered eco-MDF panels are made from recovered wood fibers.


To protect our children and workers alike, we only use non-toxic, water-based finishes on all of our products, and all of our materials
(solid wood, Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF) meet the stringent European E1 and Californian CARB 2 emissions standards.